Where to start after an amazing trip to morocco? Well, at the beginning of course! :) We made a road trip in a rental car driving from Fes to Merzouga, Ourrzazate, Marrakech, Essaouira, Casablanca, Rabat and back to Fes to catch our plane. In this post the first stop, Fes! 

Day 1, Fes - Ow you beautiful medina!

The picture above is actually taken from the roof of our riad. Maybe some extra info on that one; in Morocco your best bet of staying in a nice place in the larger cities is in a riad. These are (in our experience) small B&B-ish accommodations. These usually have a few rooms (5-8) and serve breakfast and sometimes even home-style cooked dinner! The riads we stayed with were very atmospheric, and in addition had nice hosts that were always ready to give some advice (for free! Who would have guessed that I would say 'for free'  and 'Morocco' in one blog!) Anyhow, our Riad was located just outside the Fes medina, and the picture above is taken looking at that same medina. The medina in fes is build in a bowl, and the center of the medina is at the bottom of the bowl. This increases the feeling of being swallowed by the city when wandering the streets (or actually alleys, as everything is small!) At our first night the sun was setting in this epic fiery fashion. In addition there was this dark cloud on the other side of the frame which creates the amazing contrast. Technically I used a wide angle lens, with a Lee big stopper, a Lee landscape polariser and a .9 graduated filter. The long exposure (if my memory serves me well 6 minutes) causes the clouds to become creamy and more intense. I must admit that I had to do some post processing to this image as it was a little underexposed. The setting of the sun caused the light to change quickly during the expose, and makes getting enough light a bit of a matter of feeling (or gamble). You can see some more noise in the skies due to that. I could use some software to fix that, but I am too lazy for that now :) That actually give me some good subjects for more blog posts; post processing and gear I use. But I will go over that in another post! But, back to the picture. If I have to criticise the picture I would have been more epic if there were some more artificial lights, it would have given it some more 'Elia Locardi'-ness I guess. But that is just not how Fes is; there are not many lights at night. The dark sky was actually a precursor to a sick thunderstorm that came in at night. Seriously, I have never seen so much lighting and water in so little time (not even at Lago Maggiore, which is kinda famous for that). But in the morning the weather was perfect again, it almost felt like a dream that the weather was that bad during the night. Next time I will write some more on the picture below, thanks for reading!

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