'A bit' overdue! I have been too busy lately to find the time to write something for the blog (and that after only one post!!). But I have some time now :) First off all: Happy new year!! My new years resolution is to take this blog a bit more seriously, and to expand my photography into a new realm, but I will save that for another post. In addition I have been working on developing the option of printing my work as a limited edition, completely in-house up to A3+. Really looking forward to work on that some more, and hopefully get some of my work out into the world, and hanging on someone's wall. If you have any suggestions for that please let me know via the contact form! :)

So Morocco.... in my previous post were some pictures from Fes, and the last picture shows the Tanneries. I promised to write some more on that, so here are some tips! If you go there unprepared be ready to get annoyed and harassed..... more than anywhere else we experienced in Morocco! A constant stream of "Tanneries?", "Are you looking for tanneries", " Tanneries up here", "Follow me for the tanneries" etc etc etc... But the view is definitely worth it. To reach any view point overlooking the tanneries you will have to go through one of the many shops, that all try to sell you some leather shoes, hats, jackets and what not. I never knew what objects could be conceived in leather. Not all the shop roofs have the best views, but you can just try a few if you are not shy ;) I can't really tell you which one we went into as this was a bit of a gamble. But I think it worked out nicely! Just follow your feeling on the best location, as following your nose does not really help here, it simply stinks everywhere :) What I read in the Lonely planet later is that if you buy something in the shops surrounding the Tanneries this is actually beneficial for the people working in the tanneries. Didn't know that at the time, but otherwise I would have definitely bought something as the products are of an awesome quality! After Fes we drove to the Merzouga desert with some nice views during the 8 hour ride. So why go to Merzouga? Well there is a beautiful desert, with awesome orange colours, that is very accessible from the city (you can see it on the picture above). We booked a tour into the desert (I think everyone does so here), and were picked up by our guide at 1700. We rode dromedary towards a 'nomad camp' where we stayed one night (after great food). The desert is a great place for photography, the dunes are great for some leading lines, and there is a chance of awesome sunsets, sunrises, star filled night skies and so on. We got up at 0530 for the sunrise, and it was pretty sweet as you can see below. I used some Lee filters to get the exposure between the ground and the sky a bit close together, since I was photographing into the sun. But the best picture is the second one, were three dromedary and one person in white are walking through the dunes, calendar perfect if you ask me! I took this picture with a 70-400 lens at 400mm.

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